Other Mommy blogs that make me feel normal…

Social Media and any other portrayals of parenting showcase perfectly coiffed mom’s with pre-pregnancy figures doing it all – working, being a wife, mother and still having time to meet up with friends over coffee, etc. Not to mention, toddlers who look clean, happy and well behaved.

Where did I go wrong?

I have no clue and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining…. (much) I am eternally grateful to be a mother and wife and an employee and and and… but sometimes I do my make up at work at my desk (as this is the first opportunity without a toddler hanging off me) or I eat cheesy toast with a glass (or two or three) of wine (and chocolate) for dinner after putting afore mentioned toddler to bed because I couldn’t be arsed to actually cook something nutritious for myself.

And the monkey… oh vie… I realize how inexperienced I am at parenting. For example: when I get her dressed for the day and then hand her a piece of nutella toast for breakfast – how did I not realize that after the first bite, the rest of the nutella would be smeared across her white t-shirt, matted in her hair and sticking to her little hands? And no, my child doesn’t sleep as well as others … it took more than a year for her to “sleep through” the night (which still means getting up at 5.30/6am); she throws monster-proportion tantrums in public and eating a meal has been an ongoing battle in our household.

But I wouldn’t swap her for anyone else children (or at least … not yet :))

What does make me smile is that there are some other mommy bloggers out there that make me feel normal… Whose blog posts have me smiling and nodding in agreement. Parenting isn’t easy, so it is great to read these stories… and feel like I could happily share a cup of coffee or BIG glass of wine with anyone of them while commiserating over similar stories!

Renegade Mothering

Written by Janelle, an American mom of 4 who is currently writing her first book and offers writing courses. Her tag line is “Join me in the fight against helpful parenting advice” – need I say more?  Her blog is honest, sarcastic (in a good way), full of swearing and she often voices the thoughts that are in my head but I am too scared to say out loud. http://www.renegademothering.com

Apples under my Bed

Heidi is a dietician and nutritionist, based in Melbourne in Australia who had her baby girl, Joan, about 2.5 months before our own Monkey entered the world. Her blog is a bit like a diary, filled with delicious looking food (those salad bowls!) and stories about their life and daily activities. She helped me understand the concept of BLW (Baby Led Weaning) through her own experiences with Joan, and highlighted the fact that each family needs to find their own balance regarding sleeping (co-sleeping, Cry-it-out methods, etc). An honest, wholesome, feel good kind of mommy blog. http://www.applesundermybed.com

Part-Time working mummy

UK based Rachaele who is engaged to policeman & avid bird watcher Josh and mom to 3 daughters & step mom to his 2 sons provides me with a good giggle at least once a week (I follow & read via her Facebook page).  She is also an amazing advocate for woman who are in need (domestic violence, etc) and often puts out a call for action request on FB to her PTWM crew to help out. Honest, funny, tongue in cheek candid online rants about their daily trials & tribulations.  http://www.parttimeworkingmummy.com

Like a queen

Australian mom of  3, Constance Hall has taken the world by storm with her book “Like a Queen” & its recent UK book tour.  She encourages woman to support each other with a hippy free-love-everyone kind of attitude and calls all us moms “Queens” . Her blog (and book) provide a very raw and honest account of her own personal struggles as a mother, wife (now separated) and queen. http://www.likeaqueen.com

Hurray for Gin

I prefer wine, but that is ok – because Katie, mom to two lively boys provides a humorous cartoon portrayal of real life parenting. Raising 2 toddlers isn’t a bed of roses, so having a good giggle over the same experiences is liberating, especially when they are drawn as stick men/women/children with speech bubbles. Did I mention funny? I read the book in one evening (part of which was while drinking wine in the bath tub) and can highly recommend it. PLUS her 2nd book is being released in October 2017.  www.hurrayforgin.com

Who else would you recommend?


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