Dearest New Mommy…

Dearest New Mommy,

I am so excited for you…. Truly, I am. The tears running down my cheeks are ones of joy on your behalf!

I remember those early days – the excitement (and fear) of each Doctor’s visit – seeing the scans and trying to work out which part was what (sometimes concerned that my little girl was more alien like in appearance that I would have liked), hearing the heart beat for the first time and praying that everything was progressing normally! Waiting to hear if we were going to be buying pink or blue (or green or yellow or whatever colour we wanted for our soon-to-be new family member).

I remember making lists of things that I thought I might need… adding items, removing others and only realising after she was born, how little we really actually needed! A few baby-grows, a blanket, hat and socks are pretty much the only essentials. (Ok… a car seat is an absolute must – but everything else can wait!)

I remember proudly having photos taken of me clutching my ever growing belly with the worlds biggest grin. Of actually wearing belts synched under my bust to accentuate the bump and hoping for people to notice & comment.

I remember the last couple of months of not being able to sleep very well due to being so uncomfortable. The feeling of lying NEXT to myself. Swollen feet and haemorrhoids… Thankfully these were minor complaints in comparison to symptoms other pregnant women were talking about (indigestion, morning sickness, cravings ….). I remember thinking that this was only for a short amount of time and that it was the least that I could endure knowing that I was doing it for the little one.

I remember when she moved inside of me. Every time I called HIM to feel her move, she would stop – it must have been a game to her. And I remember feeling disappointed for HIM that he wasn’t able to feel this miracle of life the same way that I was! I remember her hiccups. I remember being kicked in the ribs. I was worried that when she was born that I would feel lonely without her so close to me.

I remember buying books and reading articles online. Tracking every weeks growth from plums to lemons to melons and being amazed at the miracle of life! I remember being completely and utterly overwhelmed that my body was nurturing this little bean into a fully fledged human being! My own flesh and blood….(and of course HIM’s DNA!) I remember feeling wholly unprepared for what was to come. Even at the age of 36, I wasn’t sure that I was responsible enough to be looking after another person!


I remember meeting other soon-to-be parents at a prenatal class and after a few short gatherings feeling kindred spirits with them – people that I could confide in about anything baby related without tiring them out.

I remember feeling sad that my family wasn’t closer to share in this joy with us, but also so grateful for technology that allowed us to email, call, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and Facebook!

I remember being disappointed that there wasn’t a baby shower, but also realised that I didn’t need gifts for the little one, but rather that I had hoped for acknowledgement & love from my friends that they were just as excited about this new chapter in our lives as we were.

So, my only piece of advice for you, New Mommy – is to take each day as it comes. Enjoy every minute of it and share the love with your own HIM! This journey of miracle growth is a blessing to be cherished (even through morning sickness, haemorrhoids and swollen feet), because the 40weeks fly by so quickly and before you know it, you will be holding this little being in your arms, completely and utterly overwhelmed that you could love something SO MUCH!

From one mommy to another….



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