Indoor playground in Brussels (Plant Kids)

Just before we headed off to Portugal for a week of sunshine & family fun – we tried an indoor play centre with a few of the babies (and their parents) from our BCT Prenatal group.

Planet kids is situated just outside of the infamous ring road (near Zaventem) and has separate indoor play area’s for the different children age groups.


As our little Monkeys are 10/11 months old – they got to play in the 0-2 year old section. Which has a fantastic ball pit and some colourful cushions, plus soft mats on the floor. Small but definitely sufficient in terms of needs! Of course… our Monkey had to lick every ball …

Baby section: 0-2year old

Baby section: 0-2year old

There is also a section for 2-4 year olds… up some pretty cool looking foam steps….

Toddler Section: 2-4year olds. Up up and away....

Toddler Section: 2-4year olds. Up up and away….

and finally a 4 level maze of climbing adventures awaits those older than 4years old!

>4year olds. Where I wish I could be young again!

>4year olds. Where I wish I could be young again!

You can’t bring in your own food/drink – but they do have a little canteen/restaurant area where snacks and drinks are available for purchase – nothing fancy and definitely not healthy (the snacks) but adequate indeed. And perfectly situated next to the 0-2year old section, meaning that parents can tag-team in/out and still keep a watchful eye over their Monkeys during play time.

restaurant area

restaurant area

Would we return? Absolutely – our monkey slept for 2hr straight after being in there for 1hour!

Did you know that they even have a go cart/bicycle outdoor section with play-play streets & signage??… helping children learn road safety from a young age and in a safe environment, while having fun!

PS – they also offer birthday party fun… good to know!

Planet Kids

address: Grote Geeststraat 10, 1933, BELGIUM
telephone: +32 02 784 2826

Opening Hours:

  • Outside school holidays: Wednesday 12h00-18h00; Saturday-Sunday: 10h00-18h30
  • During school holidays: Winter: 10h00-19h00 & Summer: 12h00-18h00


  • 0-2years: 2.50€
  • >2years: 5€ for the first hour, then 1€ for every 1/4hour or Daily rate of 9€
  • Adults: free

You can also take a subscription plan: 10hr for 40€ or 20hr for 70€. And they offer group discounts as well.


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