Monkeys Top 5: 9 months old

The days roll into weeks and suddenly the Monkey is mobile! Sitting by herself, crawling and pulling herself up to stand all in the space of one week … which means that since the middle of her 8th month, we have been baby-proofing the house and running after her!

But before time flies away again – here are or latest top 5 favourites

top 5 9months old

    1. Touchy-feeling Books – she absolutely loves books that have textures to them. As she is finally stroking the *fur* or indentations that are embedded in the book. Our current favourite is *that is not my dinosaur*- a “previously loved” (aka “2nd hand”) book from a friend of a visiting Canadian friend. It is a daily activity… for now. She looks at me with absolute fascination when I read off the pages in a funny voice and when I move her hands/fingers over the textured portions of the pages – but she is equally happy to play with the book without me reading it to her. She strokes the pages and bites the edges. Currently, our book/reading time is between her 5.30pm dinner and before bath/bed time as I wanted to avoid excitement in our current bath/bed time routine.
    2. Activity Play Gym – when Monkey was born, I bought this Fischer Price Baby to Toddler Play Gym – hoping she would grow with it. And guess what… she loves to pull herself up on the giraffe/zebra bridge – standing, grinning with her little bum bouncing around as her legs are still somewhat unsteady. Plus I am happy to say that she is even now at the age that she is learning to put the one ball into one of the holes and let it run down the giraffe/zebra leg. We bought ours out Orchestra Premaman in Brussels.
    3. White summer baby bodysuits – don’t laugh at me – but I bought a pack of 7 white sleeveless bodysuits from Marks & Spencer online for Monkey and she pretty wears one every day! We always team it with a cute top, pair of pants, stockings, dress, etc – but this is definitely one of those essentials that belongs in our household!
    4. Pacifier clip holder – if you haven’t invested in one already- now is the time! Our little monkey has learnt to ricochet spit the pacifier out of her mouth using her tongue… and then we silly parents need to crawl around the floor looking for it under the couch or coffee table, clean it off before returning it to her… only for the whole saga to be repeated. Until we got smart and attached it to her clothes… ha ha ha… now she pulls it out her own mouth, plays with it, leaves it and then manages to pop it back into her mouth without it ever touching the floor (except probably when she is crèche crawling on the floor but I don’t like to think about that). We currently have 3 different ones – but there is always one missing (that is code for “left at crèche”) – from the plush pink giraffe to the teething beads one. But my personal preference was the simplest one.
    5. Wet wipes – they clean everything from bums to faces (not the same one of course) to restaurant highchairs & tables & chairs to car seats… and everything in between. We have multiple packs all over the house –  in the dining room (next to the highchair), in the lounge “nappy box” (just in case we need to change her when we are downstairs), in the bathroom (next to the changing table), in the spare bedroom, in the travel bag and in my handbag. I just need to remember to put one in the car now!

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