Our day… 9.5months: Monday

another month has flown by since my last “our day: 8.5months: Saturday” was posted and I wanted to share how another day in our life looks like.

02h47 Monkey has decided that since she can stand, this would be the perfect opportunity to do this and stare at us while we are sleeping. As we are not providing sufficient entertainment (i.e or maybe I am snoring too much) – she vocalized her disdain until one of us gets up. This time, HIM goes over to her crib, tries to settle her down with her pacifier and walk away, but Monkey isn’t buying this… surely there is more to do?? Eventually, he takes her to the bathroom (with a soft light) to change her nappy and give her a bottle. Within minutes of lowering her back into the crib she nods off to sleep again.

04h30 “Hello World – is it morning yet?” Her movements and noises mean that I get up with her and we waddle to the spare room where I wrap my arms around in on the spare bed, shush-ing her in the hopes that she might doze off to sleep again. Instead she finds the game of pushing her fingers into my eye socket or yanking on a piece of hair to be more entertaining…. I attempt to fake sleep in the hopes that it might encourage her to close her eyes as well.

06h50 I wake up before her… this is amazing! One of our LATE morning starts! I have no idea how long it took, but she eventually dozed off to sleep again. I lie next to her and gaze up on her angelic sleeping face with long luscious eyelashes. Within minutes, her spider sense must have kicked in, because she opens her eyes and gives me a HUGE grin and scrambles to get to the headboard – her favourite morning activity is to pull herself into standing position and stare down at me with glee, as if to say “Loook mom, I can stand!!!”

07h10 I rush through the shower, while she sits in the laundry basket playing with an empty plastic bottle and a tube of stretch mark cream. It gives me just enough time to brush my teeth, shower & wash my hair. I dress quickly while she attempts to escape the basket. A quick nappy change and I put her some crèche appropriate clothes (layers as the day promises to be warm!)

07h20 As soon as I place her in the highchair and pull out her cereal, bowl & spoon, she gets excited and upset – all at the same time. Demanding to be fed! Her little mouth like a baby birds waiting for that first mouthful. She manages 90% of her bowl of cereal before refusing to open her lips and tossing her head from side to side – her signal for *no more*. A quick clean up (of her face), pack bags (for her & for my work day) and I pop her into the carrier.

07h40 We walked to crèche where I handed her over to the owner. Today was the first time that she did a really GOOD (aka BAD) cry when I handed her over. I rush out of there before her tears upset me further

08h00 work….

17h00 switch off computer and head home

17h15 And I am home to find Monkey and HIM on the couch playing (more like Monkey using HIM as a climbing frame… but indeed… playing). The 3 of us spent the next 45minutes helping Monkey explore the stairs (which she has a huge fascination with now that she knows how to climb them), crawl over us and between the kitchen & lounge area, pull all the toys out of a bowl (one by one) and general pull/play with the coffee table (as standing is something that she is so overjoyed about being able to do – she can spend a good portion of time pulling herself up on the coffee table and take a step or bang the top with a plastic spatula)

18h00 dinner time for Monkey! I forgot to take one of her meals out of the freezer in the morning – so instead, she gets a baby food sachet (pear, cereal & raspberries) along with a yoghurt – she gobbles up both

18h20 More play time…

18h45 Bath time – HIM is off on a Monday night, so he takes over and spends this time with her while I pop in a load of laundry, prep her pre-bed bottle and do a quick tidy up. Once she is clean & dressed in some Pj’s – I pop her into the sleeping bag and see if she wants some milk. Not interested. So we attempt our first night of sleep training (more on this in another blog)

19h40 Once she is asleep, I tip-toe downstairs to start dinner for HIM & myself (oven roasted potato wedges, gammon steak with a pea/mint puree and a chopped salad)

22h15 After dinner and watching a movie together – it is time for this mama to head to bed as well.

~23h00 and 24h00  – Monkey coughs herself awake, giving little meowing moans – so I get out of bed to stroke her back and give her back her pacifier – she is essentially still asleep – so this is a quick action…

01h00 – I wake up to find Monkey standing up her crib, bouncing up and down and making a fair amount of noise. I try to re-install the sleep method – but after 10minutes of sitting on a chair next to her crib while she is determined it is playtime, HIM suggests giving her a bottle, which she greedily devours and goes back to sleep without an issue…

04h20 – and awake again… Monkey and I move to the spare room and the cycle begins again 🙂



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