Sleep training… part 1

I got all excited when Monkey, at 8months, slept through the night… so excited that I patted HIM and myself on the back, wrote a post about it and thought that was the end of sleep training.


Essentially – we had been blessed until she was 8months old. Joking that she actually put “herself” to bed each night. We had never needed to rock or soothe her, just put her in her sleeping bag into the crib after her bath & bottle and walk out of the room – that was that! She didn’t even need to be asleep. She would lie there, stare at the mobile, the wall, the bars on the crib – sometimes gurgling/talking to herself or her hand and eventually doze off to sleep.

Ha… then she slept through… double Ha… and I thought we were conquering parenthood with one hand tied behind our backs…. Ha ha ha ha…

7 months sleeping

The real kicker was that she started to teeth around the same time – which meant that sleep regression was in full force. Going to sleep wasn’t the issue, I could still put her in her crib and walk out the room and she would go to sleep, but suddenly she was waking up almost every hour and crying. So I took her in my arms, rocked her and sometimes even held her on my chest in bed while she whimpered and moaned and eventually fell asleep. I thought it was all ok while she was teething.. she needed comfort and love – not CIA (Cry it Out)… right?

Well – the bottom teeth popped out – 3 weeks apart… But essentially a decent nights sleep for any of us was out of the equation.

The next hurdle was the fact that around the same time (8.5months), Monkey learned to sit up by herself, crawl and pull herself into standing position all in the same week… which meant that the moment she was put into her crib to sleep, she would pull herself up to stand and any ideas of sleep were long gone from her mind – she wanted to jump and climb and play! And if either HIM or I walked out the door (like we used to), she would start sobbing uncontrollably. Snot, tears and saliva running all over her face.

I tried the CIA method… everything from returning to the room at 3/5/10minute intervals, trying to get her to lie down, put my hand on her chest while she wriggled and wiggled to get out from under it, bucking and thrashing and crying out because she was pinned to the bed. This could go on for ages (one particular night lasted 1hr20min), until I would pick her up, put her on our bed next to me and then within 5minutes, the monkey was asleep.

What were we doing wrong? (And trust me, I am sure that there are a million things we were doing wrong.) We moved bedtime later. I tried sitting in the room with her but ignoring her (this was really difficult as she would be trying to make eye contact and get my attention)… We persevered with CIA. I even tried just putting her in the bed with me after her bath and bottle, just so that we could have a “quick” fall asleep pattern. Nothing was working and nothing was right…

So, Tonight we try a new method that I found online at Incredible Infant… supposedly the Sandman’s guide to sleeping through. Hold fingers for all of us….

Have you also tried sleep training? How did it go? Any recommendations?


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