20 questions new mommy’s ask themselves

Monkey will be 9months old next week… and these are a few of the things that I ask myself:

7 months

  1. Is there another person living in our house that I don’t know about? Because I have not seen the bottom of our laundry basket since Monkey was born and I do a load EVERY single night!
  2. How to *Full time working* mom’s do it? Working, wife-ing, mommy-ing, etc…
  3. How do *Stay at Home* mom’s do it all day?? Every day? You never get to drink your coffee when it is hot … and some days, you may need to be one armed as Monkey refuses to be put down for any length of time for you to be able to do anything of real value.
  4. Why is my Monkey not crawling/standing/walking/etc like the other babies? Followed  by “What have I done wrong???” And then they go and surprise you like our Monkey did and start crawling, sitting up by herself and pulling herself into standing all in the space of 1 week!
  5. Is it wrong that I look forward to going to the toilet by myself? I have been tempted to extend bathroom minutes longer than were actually necessary just to be able to read a page of my book ….
  6. Are they sleeping too long? Should I wake them from their nap? The answer should always be *no* – let them sleep… and if you can… put your feet up for these blissful few moments and BREATHE.
  7. How can I wish for their bedtime so much and then miss them when they are actually asleep?
  8. Can I actually die from sleep deprivation? Otherwise known as “Will I ever sleep again?
  9. Is my husband really sleeping?
  10. How did my mother do this? Or better yet – “how did HIM’s mother do it with 6 children??
  11. How do I avoid a meltdown at bed time? Normally theirs… followed by mine if the crying and refusing to sleep takes longer than 30minutes… and then I am grateful when they fall asleep, followed by checking in on her every hour because the house is just TOO quiet.
  12. How is it possible that they can go from semi-comatose to WIDE AWAKE, standing and shaking the crib bars in the matter of seconds after lowering them (gently) into their crib at night?
  13. Am I a bad mother if I let them cry?
  14. Does anyone at the office even notice I am wearing 2 different shoes/earrings? (sometimes both….) Or that my buttons aren’t done up properly? Or that I don’t have make-up on? Or that I haven’t had my eyebrows down in … ahum… 9months…
  15. How do I know if what I am feeding them is nutritional and “good enough”? Or even if the quantities are right? (I am pretty much winging this one based on her reaction to food)
  16. How will I know the difference between when they are thirsty or hungry? (I am still figuring this one out of myself!!)
  17. Am I equipped for a medical emergency? (i.e. First aid, choking, falling, etc….)
  18. Is my pre-monkey life truly gone?
  19. Do my single/ non-parent friends understand that I still love (and miss) them but I just don’t have enough time (or hands) to do everything I want? And that means that I really want to see them… but my available time is so much more limited now unless they are willing (and able) to handle that there will be a distraction during out catch up (and I promise not to talk anything baby related as long as you don’t… ok!?!)
  20. Is it possible to love another human THIS much? And in my case… to love my husband more because I see what an amazing father he is… oh.. the love… until bedtime…



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