Our day… 8.5 months: Saturday

I have seen a few of these “day in the life” posts on other mommy blogs and figured it was time to add this one to our blog as well – especially as I hope to see how things will change as the months roll into each other.

Monkey is currently 8.5months old and this was our Saturday, the weather was pretty miserable (grey, cloudy and rainy), plus she is teething – so our normal activities of walking down to Flagey market to stock up on fruit, vegetables & flowers didn’t happen and nor did our normal 4pm swimming lesson… but here it is:

03h30 Monkey rolls onto her stomach, lifts her body up with her arms and peers over her cot bumper while making noises to indicate that she is awake and ready for the day… HIM gets out of bed to pick her up, change her nappy and give her a bottle. Trust me – we did the whole “give her the pacifier and ignore her and she will go back to sleep” routine – it doesn’t work in our house. The only thing that gets her back to the land of nod is a bottle of milk. I hear HIM and Monkey in our en-suite bathroom while he changes her, but I pull the duvet covers just a little bit tighter and try to keep my eyes closed. She cries when she sees the bottle and continues making noises until she is firmly sucking on it.

04h00 back to sleep for all of us

05h15 Monkey is awake again and making a fair bit noise to let us know that the day has started… so I stumble out of bed, pick her up and the 2 of us move to the spare bedroom. I keep the lights off, put her in the centre of the double bed, cuddle her and hope that she will go back to sleep, so that I can possibly do the same. But alas… she wriggles and kicks and eventually I loosen my cuddle grasp only for her to decided to start using my body as a climbing frame. Yes – in 1 week, she has learnt to move from all fours into sitting by herself and now she is eager to stand.

06h45 after whatsapping with my own mommabear while playing with Monkey on the spare bed – we try to Skype. But the wifi upstairs isn’t working and little miss decides that this is the perfect opportunity to omit high pitch screeches when I finally do get through. So communicating with home is a bit of a fail.

07h20 I place Monkey in the laundry basket (with cushions & a toy or two) and we head into the shower room. This has been our “routine” for as long as I can remember. This normally gives me about 10-15minutes to shower, brush teeth and get dressed… definitely no time for applying make-up. But thankfully it is Saturday.

8 months laundry basket

08h00 we are pretty much the first customers in Delhaize (our local grocery store) a mere 100m from our apartment. Monkey is in her stroller and quite content at looking at everything (for the time being). I manage to post 2 letters to South Africa and get a few basics (using the basket under the stroller and one bag attached to the stroller handlebars).

08h35 and we are home again. Just in time to get a call from Breakfast Delivery Brussels to say that they will drop off breakfast in 5minutes. This was a voucher that I was using after supporting them in a crowd funding initiative.

08h40 Breakfast delivered – and I am making Monkey’s cereal and about to feed her. She is not a happy child as her 2nd bottom tooth is making its appearance – but she manages to eat about 1/2 of her breakfast with “minimal” mess. And I top up with some formula in a bottle.

09h15 I head upstairs with the freshly squeezed orange juice to see if HIM is awake and ready to eat with me. The poor man is exhausted (having only got home from work around 1am) but manages to get out of bed, have a shower and come downstairs

09h50 We settle down for breakfast. Giving Monkey a crust of the pistolet (bread) to gnaw on. She is super happy now – until she bites off a chunk, we get nervous about choking and take it away from her. Then she is definitely NOT happy and we need to find toys to distract her.

10h30 Tidy up the breakfast things and I take Monkey upstairs for a morning nap. She pretty much passes out within 5minutes of putting her in the middle of our bed.

10h45 HIM leaves for work – and I make use of sleeping Monkey time to catch up on social media and finally finish the last few chapters of my book. (I used to read 2-3 books a week – now I am lucky if I can manage a chapter a night!)

11h40 Monkey wakes up and we head downstairs. She refuses to be anywhere than my arms – so we land up sitting on the couch for about an hour – her just lying with her head on my shoulder while I stroke her back. She is awake, eyes open – but she just isn’t happy. I try to coax a smile out of her with a bit of peekaboo and dangling a few of her favourite toys in front of her… but she just isn’t keen.

12h00 her fever is up a bit – so I give her a paracetamol, which seems to kick in quite fast and she then seems up to playing for a while on the couch with me.

13h00 Monkey only manages to drink half of a bottle

13h20 I put a quilt down on the kitchen floor – and she plays with a plastic container lid, while I wash the breakfast dishes and sort out her bottles for the sterilizer. Her playfulness is short lived – especially when I become paranoid that she is going to fall over and hit her head, as she tries to use the plastic step ladder to pull herself up into standing position.

13h40 I put her in the bouncy chair while I start prepping food – I make a pot of carrot, celery, chicken food for her – blitz it and put it into containers (enough for 6 meals), and sort out our supper – moussaka – thankfully the mince is leftover from the previous night and I just need to make the white sauce, slice & cook potatoes as well as the aubergine. I even manage to whip up a very quick bran muffin batter to go in the oven. All the while, Monkey is playing with an empty plastic bottle and a cardboard inner of a kitchen towel (which I need to confiscate after a few minutes when I realize she is eating it)

14h45 the kitchen is semi sorted again – with dirty dishes happily being washed by our dishwasher (and not me), but Monkey is niggling again. I try to put her to sleep … try…

15h30 – it takes about 40minutes and eventually the only thing that works is holding her in my arms while I sway from side to side. She sleeps for about half an hour and then wakes up crying.

16h00 we lie on the couch together, her on my chest with her head on my shoulder – again, awake with eyes open but not really in a playful mood. Poor thing.

16h30 we try to eat some of the recently made food. She doesn’t seem a fan – and I am not sure if this is because she is not feeling well or if my cooking is that bad! We manage to Skype Mommabear and she sings to Monkey while I attempt to feed her. Tears with each mouthful – but thankfully the singing distracts her for long enough that we do manage to slip in a few mouthfuls of food.

17h00 HIM is home! Monkey perks up a bit when she sees him. He picks her up and manages to entice her with a little game.

17h40 I leave HIM to bath and put her to bed as I am finally utilizing a voucher for a spa massage that I got for Christmas (yes… 6months later). I catch the tram to Place Stephanie, see a horrific accident – settle down with a cup of tea pre-facial massage and finally take a moment to breath and enjoy the silence. The facial is amazing and although I am at the end of a cold – the right side of my face is swollen and painful (probably sinuses) – I feel somewhat better. I manage to drink a *quick* post-facial massage cup of tea while getting dressed.

20h00 and I am back home. HIM says that it took a lot longer than expected to put her to bed that night. She was ok for the bath and her pre-bed bottle, but as soon as he had lowered her into the crib semi-comatose, her eyes popped open and it took him a further 40-odd minutes to get her to sleep. I pop the pre-made moussaka in the oven and we open a bottle of wine while selecting a movie to watch. It may not be exciting for others – but evenings like this on the couch with my husband are what get me through the difficult days…

22h30 and I am ready for bed… Goodnight all and sleep tight

00h30 And Monkey is thrashing around and not happy….. So HIM and I are both up with her… and the next day begins.



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