Monkeys Top 5: 8 months old

Monkey will be 8months old this upcoming Sunday (5th June 2016) and I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by… it was only yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time (read our birth story here)

This is our current Top 5 that has helped us:

top 5 8months old

    1. Dille & Kamille *Savon de Marseille* clay soap for stains – seriously, one of the BCT pre-natal group mums told me about this and I am forever grateful!! When you start introducing solids to your own little Monkey – you will notice that carrot (which is probably the first veggie you start introducing) stains like a b*tch…. Seriously!?! God has a sense of humour… because trying to battle your monkey and their mouth while holding a spoon in one hand, the bowl in the other and clothes/tissues in your …aaahh… you will realise that food will be smeared everywhere! No piece of fabric is safe! And a good hot wash doesn’t get out all the marks. Try this… Trust me … you will be grateful!
    2. Tommee Tippee nappy bin – I bought this in the first few months and when those nappies become real stinkers (especially with the arrival of solids in the Monkeys diet) – having a nappy bin that hygienically wraps each nappy in plastic and stores it safely, PLUS reduces odours in the room, is a huge benefit! We store ours in the bathroom where her changing table is. I bought ours at the local Carrefour Planet where you can also buy the refill cassettes. (Each cassette lasts about 3weeks – but keep in mind that Monkey is at crèche in the mornings and we don’t use the nappy bin when we are out – but rather use individual scented nappy bags instead)
    3. Empty plastic bottle …. Or even better, add some uncooked rice & close the lid tightly: who knew that entertainment could be so cheap? Monkey has had so much fun with this “toy” and it has kept her busy enough that I could actually put all the ingredients together to bake a cake (a whole 10minutes of Monkey *happy* noises as she played with it)
    4. Play Pen – the Monkey is getting her move on! Although not yet crawling or walking – she does manage to wiggle her bum & shimmy herself backwards while on her hands & knees… it is funny to watch – but has made us very aware that very soon she will be mobile! Our living area is not big enough to take a huge play pen – so we invested in a smaller (1m x 1m) travel play pen that does fit. We put the foam puzzle pieces on the bottom and she gets placed in her with toys when HIM or I need to do something and we don’t want to put her in her bouncer or high chair. Soon, we will need to baby-proof the entire house, but for now – we can put her down to play without worrying that we might find her tucked under the couch or coffee table. We bought ours online from Orchestra Premaman and they delivered within a week.
    5. Heat sensitive spoons – Now that we are in the throes of feeding Monkey solids – it also means that we need to be EXTRA vigilant with feeding her foods that might be too hot! Which is why these heat sensitive feeding spoons from Nuby are so great! They change colour if the food is too hot!! I have to admit to giving Monkey one to play with while I wait for her food to be at the right temperature and she loves the soft flexible texture of the spoon – she gnaws on it and bangs it on her high chair table with much gusto! We bought ours from our local Delhaize shop. (PS – we also bought these Munchkin heat sensitive bowls which also change colour if the food is too hot… overly cautious much?)

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