She Slept through the night… almost 8months

It is almost impossible to believe that this is the first time that Monkey has slept through the night…. but I am SO GRATEFUL!

For months, I have been (day)dreaming of this occurrence. Having more than 3-4hours consecutive sleep (for me) has been almost impossible and the lack of sleep, working full days and everything else that goes with my current life, had started to take a toll on my physical and mental health & wellbeing.

7 months sleeping

I was emotional (crying for no apparent reason), crabby and grumpy, stress eating (chocolate bars are now firmly attached to my thighs…) and the effort of applying make-up was just too much to even consider on most work days… I was struggling (as simple as that!).

I would like to point out that sleep deprivation is the worst torture in the world… I think I would willing go through giving birth again rather than not sleep… And an afternoon nap does NOT help recover from a night of 2-3hours of interrupted sleep. You can not catch up on lost sleep…

But after last nights long (and uninterrupted) sleep (hallelujah)… I feel like a new person again!!

What did I do differently this time? I have no idea…  About 2 weeks ago – she was really sick with 39,2 degree fevers and vomiting – then a tooth started to appear and she was really miserable – not sleeping, not eating, runny poo nappies, moaning, etc and suddenly, the tooth broke through her gum – and everything seemed to be coming right. She was drinking her full bottles again, eating solids twice to three-times a day (not a lot, but enough) and having good long naps during the day. She also returned to her happier self (she has always been a happy smiley child… so it is nice to see this sunny personality trait return).

This was how it all went down….

  • 5.30pm meal (carrot/sweet potato puree followed by some blitzed semi-frozen blueberry & banana mix),
  • a good amount of playtime (I even worried that I was keeping her up longer than usual) – she even played in the high chair with an empty plastic bottle while I put together a cake batter mix
  • 7pm bath
  • 7.20pm bottle
  • 7.30pm bed (she was pretty much half asleep when I lowered her into her sleeping bag in her crib)
  • 4.30am – I got up to check on her… thinking HIM must have done the same during the night as I hadn’t heard a thing. I was also checking to see she was breathing as everything was so quiet in the house… and she stretched, kept her eyes closed and happily took the pacifier as I slipped it into her mouth
  • 6am… she finally started to wake up…

I might have jinxed this *sleeping through* thing… but I just had to share my excitement!!

Fingers crossed that we can repeat this again…


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