Monkeys Top 5: Early weeks

In the first few weeks that we had Monkey in our lives – were totally overwhelmed… firstly, I have to admit that we had FAR too much stuff… FAR too many clothes and of course NO CLUE on how we were going to handle everything.

But as the days rolled into weeks – there were a few things that we realized where fantastic items to have.. so although this is the Monkeys Top 5 – we like to think that she would agree with these too!

top 5 a few weeks old

1. Thermometer – thank goodness the hospital provided us with a little bag to take home – this included a pack of nappies, some Galenco baby bath/shampoo/cream products, a hair brush and of course a Predictor 10 second digital thermometer – something that has been used pretty much since birth… and especially when Monkey is sick and feverish!

2. Baby nail scissors – it sounds silly but Monkeys fingernails seem to grow at an alarming rate  and every 2nd or 3rd day, we would wait until she was having a nap before clipping away … as it is super easy to nip into their little fingers (eina!) These were purchased in a set from our local Mothercare shop in Brussels – but I would think that simple is sufficient, as long as you can avoid little one from scratching up their faces (and trust me… they do… especially when they sleep)

3. Muslin clothes or swaddling/receiving blankets – a girlfriend of mine in SA sent me a pack (from Woolworths) and I also purchased a set from Marks & Spencer (online) – and they were used to either swaddle Monkey in the early days before putting her in her crib or pram and later as a cloth to clean up, put under her, etc. (We still keep on between the sheet and her sleeping bag and one over her bouncy chair as you never know when there is going to be spit up, vomit or worse….)

4. Face clothes – it sounds so simple, but we used warm, wet face clothes to clean her when we changed her nappy/diaper each time – and only introduced wet wipes when Monkey was older. These face clothes have also been used (wet & cold) to bring down her temperature when she has been feverish and for bathing/cleaning and of course for feeding time clean-ups. Again – just like the scissors, simple is sufficient! I bought simple packs from HEMA in Brussels

5. Travel Changing mat – we were gifted the most beautiful embroidered (on the outside) pink travel changing mat, which folds up nicely and fits into a travel nappy bag whenever we head out (Trust me, in Brussels, there are few places that have a changing mat and you really don’t want to put your own little Monkey down on a table, counter, etc without the added the protection, for their little bodies but also for “those” accidents and the property on which you are doing the changing!)


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