Monkeys Top 5: 7 months old

Monkey is now 7 months old… where oh where did the time go??

and so far – she has a few favourite things…

top 5 7months old

  1. Stokke Steps Chair – as she can finally sit up more comfortably and we have started feeding her solids – it is the perfect place to keep her happy for a few minutes while I prepare her supper and she is also content to sit there for a while after feeding playing with some toys that I have tied (with ribbon) to the tray. (This chair is currently fitted with the baby seat, baby set tray and baby seat cushion.) The best part of this chair is that it will grow with her…  as the baby seat can be removed and the foot rest can extend as her legs get longer too!
  2. Nuby Nibbler – this mesh feeder was the reason that Monkey actually started eating (in my opinion). Suggested by one of our other prenatal moms – I placed a few (sliced in half) frozen blueberries into the mesh and gave it to her – she gnawed at it for a while – with half her lower face covered in blueberry juice and after this would actually accept a few mouthfuls of pureed food… which eventually turned into a few more mouthfuls! Now we introduce soft fruits to her in this mesh – as I am still fearful of choking hazards! So far, she has eaten papaya, avocado, pear, mango, melon and blueberries… successfully and messily … while kiwi fruit was NOT a hit.
  3. Foam puzzle mat – we had turned the sofa bed in the lounge into a permanent bed so that we could put her on it (on a quilt) so that she could play (as it was softer than the floor)… until the day she rolled off. These were on my next Amazon purchase list immediately and although I still feel that they are a bit on the thin side – I have placed them on top of one of our carpets and this seems to make it “bouncier” and softer. She hasn’t mastered the art of crawling yet – but can manage to move backwards, roll over and twist around – so having this on our lounge floor works quite well for now, and gives me a bit more peace of mind.
  4. Vintage Bunny bowls – my dad just visited us via the UK where he found 3 of these gorgeous vintage bunny bowls which I am now using for her dinner each evening. I am still holding the bowl – so there is no chance of her grabbing and possibly dropping or breaking it. But they are just SO gorgeous – don’t you think?
  5. Sophie the Giraffe – I don’t care what anyone tells you – this is probably the best thing to buy any baby or any new parent! Her entire face lights up when she sees it… and she manages to gnaw on his head, ears, feet, neck, etc (as we are still convinced that she is teething and that we will soon see some teeth making their appearance… or at least this is the excuse “Teething” that we use for everything!). But seriously – Sophie is loved by all.

This is NOT a sponsored post – but is a true reflection of items that we have and love. (However, we would like to disclaim that we did not pay for the Stokke Chair and accessories but received these on behalf of our other blog partner)


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