Monkeys Top 5: 4-6 months

Although those days are gone… I remember how much these 5 items helped us all (and let’s be honest, making Monkey happy, makes Mommy happy!)

top 5 4-6months old

  1. Noukie Doudou – I had never heard of a doudou before I moved to Brussels, but now when I see Monkey with hers I realize why it is so popular! Gifted to us by one of my colleagues – Coco the Penguin is a firm favourite. The different fabrics are often stroked and provide a calming effect on her, sometimes even lulling her to sleep when she is exceptionally tired & niggly – Plus she loves to fiddle and chew on the different sized tags which are on the edges!
  2. Baby Bjorn Carrier I know that a lot of mom’s use the fabric baby carrier to wrap around them and their babies – but I just didn’t have the confidence to use it comfortably and confidently, especially when one-handed (as the other hand is holding Monkey). I bought this online as it had some great reviews and allows for usage from newborn (3.5kg) as well as providing the option of both inward facing & forward facing (as of 5months). Monkey gets excited when she sees me putting this on – as she knows that it means we are heading out for an outing!
  3. Baby Bouncer chair – There are so many of these on the market , but we landed up getting this one super simple one from our local Mothercare shop in Brussels. Without a doubt the best investment we have made with regards to baby purchases!!! Monkey has pretty much spent a few hours in this chair each day since she was a few weeks old. I never bought the batteries for the vibration/music unit (bad mother!) and I don’t think she ever missed it. Monkey loves playing with the toy bar – but not for long (so thankfully it can be removed as well) and is happy to be strapped in (most of the time) in a cradled seat position to watch us (or the world go by!). We have been known to take this chair with us to a hotel, restaurant and friends houses as we believe it is more comfortable for her than the car seat!
  4. Baby Sleeping bags – as Monkey started to move around her crib a bit more, turning, wriggling and sometimes thrashing – we spent many an evening having to get up during the night to re-cover her with a blanket (that she had kicked off) and in winter this was worrying. We were gifted some 2nd hand sleeping bags as well as one new one from C&A (in Brussels) and she now sleeps in it every night. We know that she also sleeps in one at the crèche where she attends mornings only.
  5. Nappy/Changing Bag – when I was pregnant, I was gifted the most beautiful and stylish Baby Changing bag… the only problem was that it was enormous! I needed a small day-to-day bag that I could sling over my shoulder and head out if we were only going out for a small amount of time. (And I wasn’t a fan of the bag that came with our Stroller/Pram/Car seat combo). So the last time I was at Maasmechelen Outlet Shopping Village – I headed into the Kipling shop and purchased this bag. It is small enough, so not too bulky – but big enough to put a bottle into the side pocket, a change of clothes, my mini nappy bag, tissues, etc in the middle section and my purse & keys in the front pocket.

This is NOT a sponsored post – but is a true reflection of items that we have and love


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