Monkeys Top 5: 2-4 months

Your world is completely upside down… but you are coping on limited sleep and are still in complete awe of the fact that you have made this little human who is lying in your arms…

The world in general (and anything baby related) is still a bit of blur and if you are anything like me – you realized that nothing has adequately prepared you… No amount of prenatal classes, reading of *What to Expect when Expecting* or YouTube videos.

I have to confess that the first few months are still a bit blurry in my memory – but I do remember that there were a few things that made my life a LOT easier and Monkey started to take notice of a few items too! So here are the top 5’s for her 2-4 month period.

top 5 2-4 months old

  1. Baby Bath seat – Everyone will tell you that you don’t need to bath a baby every day. I on the other hand am very routine based… so I decided to put Monkey in the bath of warm water (37-38 degrees) each evening, even if it was only for a few minutes, before her last milk and into her crib to sleep. This became our routine! She was so small in the beginning and I was so scared of her drowning – that I was grateful for purchasing this bath seat with a toweling overlay (although we did once have a bit more water in her face than I would have been comfortable with – making it a firm reminder that you should always keep your hand tightly around their arm, even if you are using a bath seat!). We purchased ours at our local Mothercare shop in Brussels
  2. Philips Avent Bottle Sterlizer – after a very traumatic breastfeeding experience which lasted weeks, I eventually gave up pumping, stressing, etc and surrendered ourselves to the fact that our Monkey would be bottlefed. After a few weeks of boiling the bottles in water in pots to sterilize them, we bought a Philips Avent Bottle Sterlizer from – electric 3 in 1… and it has been a real time saver! was a great online discovery (however only in Dutch) as they offer next day delivery and have different specials each day – the day we purchased it, it was 50% off – BONUS!
  3. Crib Mobile – one of our very dear friends offered to buy us something for Monkey… I thought long and hard about what would be a practical but good gift and eventually asked her to get Monkey a mobile to hang over her crib. Funny story is that we were shopping in the local Mothercare shop in Brussels talking about exactly that – when BAM – there she was! So we picked it together. Around 3/4 months, Monkey suddenly took a huge interest in these dangling animals above her and would watch them go round and round as the mobile played (especially the stripped zebra….)
  4. Hooded bath towels – Another bathing item that I think is brilliant, a square towel with a little corner hood sewn in… just the right size and pretty much available in any store that has baby related items. We got one at HEMA, we were gifted a home sewn one, we were gifted two from C&A…
  5. Bath thermometer – while bathing Monkey, I need to remind myself that she is just little thing and not at all like me… yet! Because I like my showers and baths scalding… such that my skin turns red. This is not something you want to subject your little one to… which is why having a bath thermometer is a VERY good investment! I purchased our little pink flower Philips Avent one from and she is now (at 7months) at the point of playing with it as well – so it serves 2 purposes – practical & playful!

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